Tanzania is located just south of the equator. Rather than experiencing the four seasons, it has two rainy seasons: the “long rains” during April-May, and the “short rains” in November. Temperatures remain fairly consistent throughout the year, averaging about 30°C (86°F) during the day.

Quick Facts:

  • One of the poorest countries in the world
  • 1.3 times the size of Texas
  • Population 49.6 million
  • 3.1 million orphans
  • 30% of the population are Christian, and 35% are Muslim
  • Unemployment rate is 70%
  • Adult literacy rate is 68% (61% among women)
  • Plagued by AIDS, malaria, TB, Yellow Fever, cholera, typhoid, parasites, Dengue Fever
  • AIDS and malaria are the big killers
  • 5.1% of adults have AIDS
  • Life expectancy is 61 years
  • Over half of the population is under 18 years of age
  • 2.9% of the population are over 65 years
  • Median age is 17.4 years
  • Under 5 mortality rate: 5.2%
  • 45% of children under 5 have moderate to severe stunted growth due to malnutrition.
  • Bordering Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique, Tanzania is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, and has assimilated hundreds of thousands of refugees in recent years.

(Facts from World Bank, 2012; WHO and UNICEF, 2013; CIA 2014)


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