01 May
  • By Stephanie Miller
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ABC’s The Tanzanian Way

As the goals for Orphans Africa are achieved through hard work by the people in Tanzania and through the generosity of others, exciting developments are on the horizon! As we are all aware, early education for young children is vitally important to insure their success as students. Providing young children with an enriched learning environment increases cognitive, language, and social skills!

Now it is time for the next phase to take place. These preschool programs will address the needs of the young orphans and continue the dream of education for all these children. As with the other facets of the development of these wonderful schools, the goal is for self-sustainability. This means providing school rooms, furniture, school supplies, books, school uniforms, nutritious food and of course, trained, dedicated teachers. This worthy cause is an ambitious one that is definitely worth our attention. 

As I watched the Isandula and Mbozi nursery schools on video, I observed happy little children learning basic writing and math. Although the children were learning and happily participating, I couldn’t help but compare their classrooms to the classrooms and learning opportunities our children here in the US have. Most of  the US children have colorful, bright classrooms, with many learning tools, enriched learning opportunities, books, resources, and technology. I saw the children at the nursery schools with simple benches, tables, chalkboards and chalk. However, the joy that is evident in these orphans as they are given an opportunity to learn is contagious! They are being given a chance to become lifelong learners and make a more successful life! It is exciting to see the progress of these schools as they progress in their development! We can all be a part of this great work. Please help provide a more enriched learning environment for the preschoolers of Orphans Africa at Insandula and Mbozi!

                                                                                                                          by Valerie Anderson
Retired Primary School Teacher
Prairie Village Kansas