OA could not build schools or educate orphans without our dedicated groups of on-site personnel. At this time, we have three groups of personnel, divided by geography, each group directing the continued development of a particular project.

Mawazo Chaula, Orphans Africa Manager

The founders of ORPHANS AFRICA first met Mawazo Chaula, whose name means “idea,” in 2007, when Mawazo was just twenty years old and still struggling to finish secondary school.  Mawazo and his two younger siblings are orphans, and would not have survived had it not been for Mawazo’s determination to care for his family as well as to continue to attend school despite horrendous obstacles.  Click here to watch a video about Mawazo’s story. From 2007 until now, OA has developed a deep bond of friendship and trust with Mawazo.  Not only did Mawazo finish secondary school, but he completed his bachelor’s degree in Swahili and Political Science from the University of Dar Es Salaam in July, 2011, and now works for ORPHANS AFRICA.  Because of Mawazo’s life experiences, it is his passion to help his country’s orphans and to someday become a parliamentarian.  For now, OA is happy to have Mawazo as the OA Manager in Tanzania, utilizing his skills in English, business management, problem-solving, and diplomacy to better the lives of orphans.  Mawazo exhibits a wisdom far beyond his years and it is our joy to know him.


Wilfred Batakanwa, Director of the Marilynn Education Center

Wilfred comes to OA with a two-year advanced diploma in accountancy and an advanced diploma in Materials Management. Wilfred is the Director at the Marilynn Primary and Nursery School and oversees continued construction at the school. He is passionate about helping orphans. Wilfred is married, with six children. He lives on the school campus in Majohe, outside of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


Roda Lukunga

Orphans Africa doesn’t do its work in isolation. OA works hand-in-hand with grassroots organizations composed of community members. Mama Roda works in coordination with the Headmaster, with OA, and attended training at the U.S. Embassy in Dar Es Salaam in regards to a $30,000 grant which OA helped secure for the local NGO. This grant was used to complete the first phase of the kitchen, dining, and assembly hall (all finished) at the Mwaji Secondary School.


Magreti Mwamlima

Magreti (Magret for short), helps to coordinate activities between the OA-USA and OA-Africa. Magret’s compassion and generosity contribute greatly to the success of the OA group at Vwawa. Besides hosting OA International volunteers in her home, Magret hosts the meetings of area leaders, providing a voice of wisdom and integrity. Magret farms for a living, raising livestock, corn and peanuts. She weaves and knits, plus is instrumental in helping to administer a nursery schools for area orphans, where they learn early basic academic skills.

Welodi Nzowa, Board Member

Welodi Nzowa brings practical construction skills to the OA group in the Mbozi District. Along with Coordinator Evans Kita, Nzowa provides the carpentry, bricklaying, and roofing skills needed to continue construction at the Isandula Center. Together Evans Kita and Weldi Nzowa worked closely with Mbozi District authorities to draft a master plan of the center. Nzowa farms coffee, is married with six children, and has taken in an orphan.

Tangson Kasebele, Board Member

With his five children, Tangson Kasebele fosters an orphan in his own home in Tunduma on the border of Zambia, representing the heart and soul of Orphans Africa– working for the benefit of the most vulnerable population, the orphan children. Tangson is a valuable asset, providing sound advice and skills gained while he served as the Director of the Board (2008-2011). Tangson received a diploma in Christian Leadership in 2010 and is a trainer for other pastors.

Evans Kita, Secretary

Evans Kita worked hand-in-hand with team members in helping to procure a master plan for the Isandula Center. Evans Kita owns a carpentry shop in town, specializing not only in carpentry, but bricklaying and roofing, providing labor during the ongoing construction at the Isandula Center. He has three children and lives on a farm.

Pili Zambi, Board Member

Pili Zambi’s tireless efforts have borne fruit through the founding of two nursery schools, operated by the OA group. Pili is instrumental in making certain the children are cared for, with adequate food, shelter, clothing, shoes, and medical care. A widow in the Vwawa community, Pili exhibits a caring beyond her means.

Richard Daniel, Assistant Manager

Richard Daniel works as the Assistant Manager to the OA Manager in Tanzania.  Richard is a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in project management. He works hand in hand with the OA Manager on school projects and the sustainability projects. He also is an expert in the construction and use of biogas.

Jason Swilla, Chairman, Marilynn Orphans Projects (MOPS)

Jason Swilla serves as the Chair of Marilynn Orphans Projects Foundation of Tanzania (MOP).

George Lufinga, Headmaster of Mwaji Secondary School

George Lufingo is the Headmaster for Mwaji Secondary School.  The Mwaji Secondary School is a complete school including a full library, girls and boys dormitories, food service, drilled well for clean water, solar power, medical insurance for the orphans, a stationery shop and a barber shop. Mr. Lufingo is dedicated to helping all students excel in academics and life.

Redson Swepa, Marilynn Orphans Projects Board Member

Redson Swepa serves as a Board Member for Marilynn Orphans Projects.