A Unique Opportunity for the Orphans

The region where the Chimbuya and Mbozi Nursery Schools are located is a very poor community in Tanzania.  There are many children who live in extreme poverty with their families and then there are the orphan children who have little to no hope of escaping extreme poverty.  Orphans Africa and our field partner have worked closely together to improve the outlook in this community.  This includes a drilled water well, a new nursery school building with playground, school books, school lunch, and crops planted to increase the economy of the community.  None of this would be possible without our wonderful donors.  Thank you for your support to help these vulnerable children.

Clean Water for the Community!

One of the many resources Orphans Africa has brought to the projects we support is clean water.  The funds raised are used to support the drilling of deep water wells, which then supply the schools with clean water. Clean water has helped reduce illnesses at the schools. 

Deep water well and tank provides the nursery school and vocational college with clean water.

Chimbuya Nursery School






Raising Crops helps with Self-sustainability

All Marilynn Orphans Projects Foundation (MOP) schools are operated according to a model of self-sustainability. Meaning, that once the school is fully constructed, operational, and registered with the government, it will become capable of supporting itself.  This model combines admitting students from tuition-paying parents with fully-dependent orphan students.  Tuition received from parents of non-orphan students covers the costs of teachers’ salaries, school operation, plus the room and board of the orphans.  Also, by combining non-orphans with orphans, social stigmas and prejudices are reduced as opposed to being reinforced through orphan-only schools.  Orphans Africa also supports projects such as raising crops, vegetables, honey bees, and livestock on the land to help support self-sustainability.

Chimbuya Nursery Schools

Nursery students learn the alphabet, how to count, and start reading — all in preparation for when they enter primary school at the age of six. Way to go, team!

Mbozi Nursery School

Every Monday through Friday, children, ages 3-5, meet at the school located in the city of Vwawa, where they receive instruction, plenty of love, and porridge. This school is entirely self-sustaining.  Tuition from non-orphans pays for school operations and for the care and education of the orphans who attend.  Books and school materials are provided for the school library to increase the quality of education. 

Chimbuya Nursery School

“The local team operates a second nursery school in Chimbuya to accommodate the vast numbers of young orphans without a home or family to care for them. Many came completely destitute, wearing rags for clothes, who were hungry, and sick.  Over the past few years OA has worked with the local team to help provide clothing, shoes, food, clean water, books, and medical care to these children.  Once their basic needs have been met and their health has improved, OA works toward improving the school and nursery to provide the best education possible for these youngsters in its care.