06 Feb
  • By Stephanie Miller
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Finding Your Joy

Orphans Africa Board Member, Paula Vail, is a radio and TV host of her own show called “Choices: Finding Your Joy.” Her show airs on Seattle’s KKNW-1150 AM at noon every Tuesday, as well as on WBTVN.tv, 5DTV, and KKNW YouTube.

Recently, Paula interviewed Orphans Africa’s Volunteer President, Carl Gann, and listeners throughout the Pacific North West are learning about this outstanding organization. Orphans Africa educates almost 600 students through various levels of education in East Africa, Tanzania. We have three nursery schools, one primary school, a secondary school and a vocational technology program.

40% of the funds for OA schools comes from Africa. Mr.Gann believes that “you do not buy people out of poverty. You educate them and they will do it themselves.” Orphans Africa is thankful for the supporters and donors of Orphans Africa who are helping to educate orphan children and Africa.

To listen to this interview and learn about Orphans Africa please click here.