01 May
  • By Stephanie Miller
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We met Isaiah, Doudi, Angel, Zawadi, Yohana, Happy, and others at our nursery schools. The list of orphan children with a “hard life” of extreme poverty go on and on. How do we get it to stop? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation debunks myths about poverty and makes recommendations. The first thing to do is improve health. The data shows that when health goes up, people are more self-sufficient and birth rates go down. Next, according to Gates, is education then followed by agriculture. This is where OA healthcare insurance programs, education, and our food programs intervene. Sick and hungry children can’t thrive. Our students can get treatment for diseases when needed. Our co-founder and nurse, Liza de Guzman, teaches health practices and treatment, disease prevention, and well-baby care with our people in Tanzania. Education then has a chance to change lives and break the chain of poverty, thus changing a nation. Orphans Africa is on the right track. The children we help are as real as our own. They may be unseen to the world but they are not forgotten. If you hate disease, poverty, hunger and ignorance, join us!