Isandula Vocational College
Look what Orphans Africa has created!

In 2008, a concerned community donated 20 acres in the Mbozi District of Southern Tanzania for the development of a vocational college for orphans.  Today, the Isandula Vocational College offers training programs in electrical, automotive electrical, solar power, driving, and business entrepreneurship, including the use of computers. Orphans attend for free.  The Vocational College is positively impacting the lives of numerous orphans, providing them with a quality education and job-ready vocational skills. The college has a 100% job placement rate. 

Tanzania needs the skills of electricians to help develop the country with public power as well as technicians to bring affordable solar power to rural people.  Most people in Tanzania don’t have automobiles and, therefore, don’t learn to drive unless they attend a driving program.  The graduates of these programs are getting good jobs as electricians, solar technicians, or commercial drivers. 


Some become self-employed.  Also, many of the students in the programs are girls, a vital aspect in developing gender equality and independence.

Tuition from non-orphans offsets operational costs of the school.  This tuition income, combined with income received from produce sales, and the leasing of land for additional farming, will create a 100% self-sustaining school.


A drilled well provides water for the school and crops.

The college is making a huge impact in the community.  The community donated the land and the resulting development of the college is paying back the community with educational opportunities for the orphans, purchases of supplies from the community, and jobs for teachers and staff.

First Year Isandula students learning about electricity!