24 Apr
  • By Stephanie Miller
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Look What You’ve Accomplished in 2017

Look What You’ve Accomplished in 2017

At Mwaji Secondary School

  • Completed the Mwaji Boy’s Dormitory and some furnishings provided
  • Built new toilet building for Boy’s Dormitory
  • Rebuilt Mwaji school toilet
  • Significant reduction in diarrhea due to clean water from a deep drilled well at Mwaji
  • Reroofed/provided maintenance for the science laboratory after storm damage
  • Replenished laboratory chemicals and science equipment


At Multiple Locations

  • Started Driving Program at Isandula Vocational College
  • Supplied kitchen and dining hall furnishings and equipment at two schools
  • Supplied Medical insurance for 181 orphans
  • Provided solar power improvements
  • Constructed farm animal barns
  • Purchased farm animals and bees for use and to create surplus to sell
  • Provided food support for students