Marilynn Primary and Nursery School

The Marilynn Primary and Nursery School at Majohe is now an advanced school, providing students with a top-quality and award winning education. It is self-sustaining. In 2012 the students at the Marilynn School scored first in the National Examination in their Ward (1,991 students), with one of its orphan students claiming Number One! Grade/Standard 4 in 2018 won an award from the government for being the best!

Marilynn Primary and Nursery School Dining Hall, Kitchen and Computer Laboratory Building

Accomplishments: Self-Sustaining

There are completed classrooms, a kitchen and dining hall, lavatories and septic system.  In addition, the school has installed electricity, a water well and tower, and provided a 400-book library, school supplies, a complete computer laboratory, science equipment, as well as desks, chairs, and textbooks.  Where students once dressed without uniforms, and there was only one set of textbooks for the entire school, partnering with OA the school has fostered an environment where students can thrive.  More than half of the students pay tuition, providing enough funds for the school to be self-sustaining with regards to day-to-day operations. OA continues to assist with development of the infrastructure.  In the 2012 National Examinations, the Marilynn School scored first in their Ward, including boasting the top scoring student out of 1,991 students.  In the fall of 2013, the first graduating class of the Marilynn Primary school graduated!!!  In 2018, the 4th grade won an award of being the Best!

Marilynn Primary Students in Computer Laboratory

Marilynn Computer Laboratory


All schools are operated according to a model of self-sustainability.  Meaning, that once the school is fully constructed, operational, and registered with the government, it is capable of supporting itself.  This model combines tuition-paying students with fully-dependent orphan students.  Tuition received from parents of non-orphan students cover the costs of teachers’ salaries, school operation, plus the room and board of the orphans.  Also, by combining non-orphans with orphans, social stigmas and prejudices are reduced as opposed to being reinforced through orphan-only schools.

These are some of the students your donations help!

Marilynn Students

Happy is a Marilynn Primary Student

Marilynn Students

Marilynn Students

Marilynn Primary and Nursery School Entrance