21 Aug
  • By Vickie Lackman
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Moments of Laughter and Joy!

You may be wondering why I chose to write about laughter.  Struggling orphans in severe poverty is no laughing matter, but laughter is as essential as breathing. April 14, 2023, is the International Moment of Laughter Day. Laughter is a universal language throughout all of humanity.  We all understand the language of laughter. With the negativity in the daily news, we need to take moments to share laughter, giggles, and joy.

As we know, children laugh more frequently than adults. Laughter and play are a basic child’s right – a necessary part of their development in learning to socialize and communicate with others.  Children struggling in poverty have neither the inclination nor the reason to find time for much laughter in their lives.  Their lives are silent. Laughing decreases anxiety, relieves stress, instills optimism, raises self-confidence, defuses resistance to change, and enhances relationships. And, as we all know, it’s much easier to laugh and enjoy life when you’re not stressed.

Your support to Orphans Africa helps these children have a brighter future.  They are happy to be learning knowing they have an opportunity for a better future. They can find moments of laughter in their lives. During a visit to Tanzania in September 2022 Carl and Wayne heard children laughing and sharing joyous moments during a sticker party, dancing and singing, and appreciating new toothbrushes and a soccer ball.  With Orphans Africa providing excellent schooling, safe housing, and health insurance they are able to share moments of laughter together. Thank you for your generosity to Orphans Africa. You are making a difference in the world.

…and don’t forget to share your own moment of laughter and joy with someone this month!