07 Jun
  • By Stephanie Miller
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OA Partners with Days For Girls

For weeks every year, women in impoverished countries are isolated during their menstruation because they lack access to feminine hygiene. If they’re working, that means loss of income. If they’re students, they lag behind the male students academically. The nonprofit charity, Days for Girls, seeks to redress this inequity by providing women and girls with washable feminine hygiene kits so they can become full, productive members of their society.

Orphans Africa is happy to announce that Days for Girls will be providing 100 feminine hygiene kits for OA to take with them on their site trip to Tanzania in September. Wow! Each kit includes soap, washcloth, panties, washable pads, and more, all enclosed in a colorful drawstring bag. While on-site, OA volunteers will spend time with OA’s widows and female orphan students, handing out the kits and providing instruction regarding proper hygiene. Such a small thing, but such a huge difference it will make in the lives of impoverished women and girls! Our gracious thanks to Days for Girls for helping OA fulfill its mission to reach out to the most vulnerable and needy.