28 Sep
  • By Stephanie Miller
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You have done amazing work! We received reports from Africa recently that the students are enjoying the many improvements and services at school. We must remember that the orphans have lived in extreme poverty – mud houses with dirt floors and thatched roofs, carrying buckets of water from a stream to home, no lighting except fire light, no healthcare, hunger, lack of opportunity, and little hope. Your contributions have changed their future from a dead-end future with no real education to living and learning in new concrete buildings with desks and bunkbeds, solar lighting, clean running water, regular food, medical insurance and healthcare, and hope for a better life. It changes everything for them. Our students are excelling on the national examinations and our schools are winning awards from the government. Record numbers are going on to higher education and graduates are getting jobs. Yet, there is more to do – another water well, more buildings, more books, laboratories, libraries and educational supplies. Without your support, these additional projects can’t be done. Their success is your success. Thank you for supporting some of the world’s poorest children.

Asante sana.

Carl Gann, Volunteer President and Co-founder