Fulfilling Our Mission

¬†‚ÄúOrphans Africa envisions a day when all the schools operate independently and when all of the students, non-orphans and orphans alike, graduate with a quality education and a promising future.‚ÄĚ ¬† ¬†Carl Gann ‚Äď Founder and President

OA addresses the unique challenges of orphans in Tanzania. Getting an education gives these children opportunities for jobs and careers and pulls them out of poverty.  The educational system in Tanzania fails when compared to the urgent need. Children, particularly orphans, simply don’t get enough education for a variety of reasons, almost all of them related to extreme poverty.  Making quality education available for ALL students is a great success.

The work we do makes an impact on many levels. Boys and girls who go to school are protected from dangers such as child trafficking, early marriage, violence and assault.  Our health education and health insurance help keep the children healthy from disease. Providing nutritious meals eliminates malnutrition, and sickness. Education empowers these children to get jobs and careers.  It breaks the cycle of poverty. These children have hope and opportunities to be able to support their families and contribute to the Tanzania economy.

Our Strategy

Orphans Africa believes it can best educate orphans through a combination of various innovative, yet practical strategies:

       Construct and support self-sustainable schools for orphans that focus on educational excellence and leadership

Provide safe residences where orphans can live and thrive

Provide preventive health education

Collaborate with local, grassroots NGOs

Collaborate with international nonprofit charities

Foster strong relationships with local communities and governments

Why It Matters

Malaria, AIDS, and the COVID pandemic have left victims of all ages. Over two and a half million children  have been orphaned. Children’s lives are changed forever with Orphans Africa.  Without assistance and an education, these children live in severe poverty with limited resources. They are the forgotten children in Tanzania.

Since 2007 Orphans Africa  has provided quality education for thousands of children.  Our schools are ranked  highly by the Tanzania Government. Our students have gone on to successful jobs, careers, and advanced to higher education. They are able to support themselves and their families and become contributing members in the Tanzania economy.