24 Apr
  • By Stephanie Miller
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Your Impact to Successful OA Programs

Orphans Africa continues to operate a tight ship in the US, and our funding going to Tanzania is, again, on the upswing. We are able to leverage your contribution with those of our supporters in Tanzania to provide education, food, clean water, medical insurance, housing, and love to 242 orphans each year!

In 2017, U.S. income increased 6% to $186,400, and the funding we sent to Tanzania increased 20% to $103,000 from a year ago. Our tuition revenues in Tanzania grew 9% to $154,600 in 2017. OA’s self-sustaining model is designed to provide excellent education to all our students. Because of our high-quality education, students with working parents pay to come to your schools and orphans attend for free. Over the past 3 years, Tanzanian parents paid $429,730 to support OA’s six schools. 

We all want to be sure our charitable donations have an impact. Few charities can say that for every dollar you donate, we match that dollar with in-country revenues. Because our schools have a great reputation, we raise an additional 83 cents from Tanzania and deliver $1.38 to fund schooling, nutrition, housing and a better future. That is IMPACT!!!  For more information, please visit our website at www.orphansafrica.org.

by Becky Reid, OA Treasurer